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Gamification in Web 3.0



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The raise of Web 3.0 technology will bring the internet to a new paradigm. Increased user to user contribution, decentralization, metaverse will design tremendous new potential for a rich user experience.

If technology is a key factor for designing new Web 3.0 applications, the need for enhanced user experience will more than ever be a key success factor for creating successful application and Web 3.0 environments. Gamification is the key approach to create such experience and deliver the rich content needed for Web 3.0 applications.

In our labs, we use gamification techniques for content creation and application design. The impact and objectives is to

  • User adoption and time spent in applications and environments.

  • User retention through gamification key items and creation of an application lifecycle for gamification aspects.

  • Data collection via increased interaction in the application.

These key elements will support the business model created and reach of ROI objectives.

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