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Create your Story in our Web 3.0 Lab

Creativity and Innovation for an advanced digital experience. Building projects with global talents for the future.


Gamification and innovation are not exclusively reserved for the entertainment industry. They can serve great causes: well-being, sports, health, education, energy transition. Let's put them at the service of a more equitable and sustainable world.


Our Mission is to bring our expertise in Gamification and technology  into the design of digital and technological products to deliver a customer centric, rich experience.










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Story Lab ID®


Research & Insights

Build your story with the community.

Storytelling is key to success for products and brands in the digital space. 

We involve the community in the design of the product and define the storytelling around Product Value and Brand Awareness.

We bring together key test users and Technological partners to create the best story and Product Design, thus leading to brand adoption and loyalty.


Analytics & Development

Leverage the latest technologies to deliver the experience.


Within our Lab, we bring together a rich variety of partners. The goal is to have a wide range of expertise and so collectively we define the best concepts for our customers and projects.

Our collaborative mindset makes us more creative and innovative. We deliver more complex products and services, and we can scale up to match the needs for yet even more complex and larger scale projects.


Strategy & Finance

ID Creativeness and Strategy.


Most projects that succeed and go to the next level are those which go  ’out of the box’ and which have, from the very beginning, a clear strategy and distinctive brand identity. If we had to reveal the secret of our success, we would sum it up in these three words: Innovation, Brand identity and Strategy.

Our strategy in Digital Entertainment is to create an ID for the BtoC or BtoB market for those who want to join the synergy on the project IDea and IDentity.




Join E-ID Digital

Talent is everywhere, needs to be found and helped to grow to the next level. Therefore we are creating a digital platform that captures talent, talent can create their online profile, this is their Talent Profile.

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